Front Entry




  • Direct access to outdoor walking area
  • Warm-air-circulating dryers that do not use heating elements like our competitors’ cage dryers
  • Temperature-controlled bathing units
  • Safety ramps on all large-dog baths
  • Non-skid, antibacterial flooring
  • Large hydraulic tables that can accommodate pets of any size
  • Stand dryers that fluff-dry pets
  • Stainless steel kennels in an assortment of sizes


  • 150 oversized kennels ranging from 4’x4’ for small dogs to 8’x10’ for large dogs
  • Poured-rubber flooring for pets’ comfort while lying down or standing
  • Direct access to outdoor play area
  • Cat room, separate from the dog kennels, that can accommodate 72 cats in individualized cat condos
  • Private litter boxes that confine litter to a space separate from each cat’s main living area
  • Viewing space in cat room that allows cats to lie on a large countertop and look out of a window onto a peaceful wooded area
  • Two dishwashers, one in the cat room and one near the dog kennels, for the sanitation of food and water dishes


  • Two playrooms; one for large and one for small dogs
  • Poured-rubber flooring that cushions joints and maintains comfort during pets’ playtime
  • Large indoor and outdoor windows
  • Access to outdoor walking area


  • Heated
  • Indoor
  • Dimensions of 40’x25’x3’ that allow clients to stand in the pool with their pets
  • Ramp that allows gradual introduction to the water

Veterinary Clinic

  • Direct access to outdoor walking area
  • Complete set of in-house laboratory equipment
  • Incubator for cultures
  • Surgery room with two heated surgery tables
  • State-of-the-art anesthesia machines
  • Heart and pulse Doppler monitors
  • Angler self-supporting breathing and cardiograph monitors
  • Radiology equipment
  • Complete in-house pharmacy
  • Three wet-table service stations
  • Stainless steel holding station and recovery area
  • Negative-pressure quarantine room
  • Quiet room for medical drop-offs
  • Four exam rooms equipped with complete computer-networking access
  • One exam room with a hydraulic lift table designed for the ease and comfort of large dogs

Outdoor Play Area

  • Above- and below-ground security fencing
  • Approximately .25 acre of grassy space