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Animals of the galapagos

The Galapagos Islands lie over 1,000 km off the coastline of South America’s Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, virtually exactly on the equator. Charles Darwin saw the islands in 1835 on his trip in The HMS Beagle. Consequently the Galapagos are possibly the globe’s most popular location for nature fans looking for to identify some of the islands’ideal understood residents. These creatures are herbivores and live on a diet of fruit, leaves, turfs, creeping plants and cactus. Turtles that feed on high growing cacti have actually curved coverings to enable their longer neck to reach the food whereas turtles eating ground plant life have dome shells. The islands were as soon as residence to 15 sub-species with 11 sub-species still living. The Charles Darwin Research study Station has actually begun a turtle rearing job, accumulating tortoise eggs from islands where the presented types have been intimidating the indigenous types as well as elevating the young up until they are strong sufficient against predators. This job has turned points around and have actually now obtained 10 of the 11 endangered species to guarded levels. Black red stripes along on the body with rose coloured scales, the Pink Iguana is thought to be an iguana crossbreed. There are physical differences in between the species, the Pink Iguanas have flat head ranges, whereas land iguanas have a thick fatty crest on the back of the neck with little conical scales. “Volcan Wolf”, the volcano in the north on the island of Isabela, is the only location that this Iguanacan be found as well as is recognised by a stripy pink body.