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Boarding Kennels


Are you going on a trip, but cannot take your pet with you? Send him to Yappie Cuttery for his own vacation while you are away!


A Guilt-Free Home Away from Home for Your Pet

With us, pets enjoy the finest in luxury accommodations and are treated like family by our staff. Our boarding facility features the following amenities:


  • 150 oversized, stainless steel kennels ranging in size from 6’x8’ to 8’x10'
  • Poured-rubber flooring for pets’ comfort while lying down or standing; flooring also protects pets from the moisture and cold temperature of the underlying concrete so that their joints do not become sore
  • Direct access to outdoor play area
  • Commercial dishwasher for the sanitation of food and water dishes


  • Cat room, separate from the dog kennels, that can accommodate 72 cats in individualized condos
  • Private litter boxes that confine litter to a space separate from each cat’s main living area
  • Viewing space that allows cats to lie on a large countertop and look out of a window onto a peaceful wooded area
  • Dishwasher for the sanitation of food and water dishes


In addition to what our boarding department offers, your dog or cat has full access to all other services offered by Yappie Cuttery and Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital in our facility that has all of your pets’ needs under one roof.

  • Have your pet come home looking beautiful by using our board-to-groom service. Your pet will be groomed to your specifications on the last day of his boarding stay.
  • With our board-to-vet service, you can request that your pet visit Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital during his boarding stay for vaccine updates, a dental, spay or neuter, or simply a routine physical. Visit our veterinary clinic page for more details.


What is Included?

All dogs that stay with us are walked at least three times per day. We have extensive indoor and outdoor runs and an outdoor play area with above- and below-ground security fencing that dogs use for up to 30 minutes of activity per day. Each dog is provided with his own set of fleece bedding. Meals are given twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, unless otherwise instructed by clients; Yappie Cuttery provides food for all dogs, but clients are welcome to provide their pets’ own food from home instead.


All cats are given private condos. For families of more than one cat, condos may be joined by a door that allows the cats to pass back-and-forth from each other’s condos. Each cat is also given his own litter box. Private playtime happens daily while an attendant cleans each cat’s condo; your cat can take the opportunity to stretch his legs, play on a cat tree, or look out a window while lounging on a large countertop. Yappie Cuttery provides food for all cats, but clients are welcome to provide their pets’ own food from home instead.


Yappie Cuttery plays music throughout the facility at all hours in order to create a soothing environment for pets. The radio station we play has a mix of music and DJ commentary; the commentary comforts pets in boarding by providing them with an environment that feels more like home.


Extra Packages

Pet Cot: Have your pet sleep on his own pet cot in addition to the fleece bedding that is provided for all pets.


Extra Playtime: Let us give your pet a good workout with 15 minutes of additional, private playtime either in one of our daycare rooms or, weather permitting, in our outdoor play area.


Bedtime Tuck-In: Will your pet miss those goodnight hugs and kisses while you are away? Let us give your pet 15 minutes of private attention and a special goodnight snack before bed.


Scheduling a Reservation

Please also read below about our policies and procedures for important information regarding how to prepare for your pet’s stay.


Clients will be charged for the entirety of the scheduled boarding stay, even if pets are picked up prior to the date indicated by clients on their boarding contracts.


Reservations that are scheduled with Sunday as the pick-up day must be prepaid at drop-off.


For your convenience, we offer online reservation-making through Or, you are welcome to give us a call to schedule your reservation and to ask any questions you may have about our services.


A credit card number is required to make a reservation. Reservations cancelled during off-peak season without at least 48-hours notice will be charged a no-show fee of one day of boarding per pet. Reservations cancelled during the holiday and peak seasons without at least 72-hours notice will be charged for three days of boarding per pet. Last-minute and same-day reservations are welcome, as long as space is available.


Holiday and Peak Season Dates:

March 16th - March 23rd (Spring Break)

Memorial Day - Labor Day (Summer Break)

November 17th - January 6th (Thanksgiving - New Years)

All other dates during the year are considered Off-Peak Season.


For faster service, please fill out a Boarding Contract before your drop-off appointment. Please note that a new Boarding Contract must be filled out for each stay, even if your pet has boarded with us before.


Policies and Procedures

To ensure the safety of all pets in our care, we require that boarding guests be up-to-date on the following vaccines:

  • Dogs: rabies, Bordetella, distemper (DHLPP)
  • Cats: rabies, distemper (FDV-FRV)


If our records show that your pet is not up-to-date on any of these vaccines, you must either provide proof of recent vaccination or allow us to update the vaccine(s) through our affiliate, Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital.


If you are providing your pet’s food, please bring enough food for the duration of your pet’s scheduled stay in a disposable container. If your dog takes any medications, please also only provide enough medication for the duration of his stay. We do not return any extra food, medications, or containers at pick-up.


Please do not bring toys or bedding for your pet’s stay. Animals have behavioral reactions to changes in their environment. Most pets that are boarding go through a short period of separation anxiety, which can lead to them doing uncharacteristic things like chewing on and destroying their favorite beds and toys. We want to avoid the risk that what you bring for your pet will be damaged or destroyed by this short period of stress, so we provide pet cots, toys, and beds for your pets while they are here.


*All drop-offs and pick-ups that occur on Monday - Saturday will be conducted at main reception. Sunday drop-offs and pick-ups will be conducted at the side boarding entrance.*


Drop-off hours:

Monday-Friday..............8am - 12pm / 2pm - 6pm
Saturday........................9am – 3pm
Sunday..........................8am – 11am *side entrance*


Pick-up hours:

Monday-Friday..............8am - 12pm / 2pm - 6pm (after 3pm if groomed)
Saturday........................9am – 3pm (after 3pm if groomed)
Sunday..........................8am – 11am (pre-paid guests only) *side entrance*


If your pet is picked up before 11am, there is no charge for boarding on the day of pick-up. Pick-ups that occur between 11am and 3pm will be charged a half day of boarding for the day of pick-up; pick-ups after 3pm will be charged a full day. Boarding will not be charged for the pick-up day if your pet is being groomed on that day.