Obedience Training

Dog obedience training – the beg trick

Training dogs some methods in between doing the training exercises your trainer is instructing you in your pet dog obedience training program makes training fun for the dog. The ask is a great workout for enhancing a dogs back muscle mass – and it looks cute also. Who hasn't seen a little canine sitting up, pleading and swing his front feet backwards and forwards? The Beg is a very easy technique to teach. For this technique we use the click and also treat method. You begin with the canine sitting next to you. With a yummy reward in one hand and also the clicker in the various other hand, raise the reward up from simply in front of his nose, directly, gradually, so that he can not rather reach the treat. The pet will try and also stand up but if you take the reward away he will certainly sit once more. If the dog lifts one front foot, click and also treat this. If the canine maintains trying to get up on all fours, move him back right into an edge so when he rests, his behind is limited in the corner. As soon as the canine has learnt just how to stabilize by himself, relocate him far from the corner and try the exercise once again. When you are obtaining a nice solid plead, you can show the pet to extend upwards by entering into a base on just his back legs. An agility pet dog needs to have solid pork string muscles.