Obedience Training

Group Of Dogs With Owners At Obedience ClassObedience Training

Yappie Cuttery offers obedience training at our facility in Manassas Park, VA through professional trainer Sarah Crum. If you are frustrated with your dog’s lack of manners and want to improve your relationship with your pet, then take advantage of the services offered by A Better Companion Dog Training.


Sarah Crum has been professionally training since 1996 and has successfully helped thousands of dogs just like yours through private lessons either in clients’ homes or at the Yappie Cuttery. Whether you have just begun training a puppy or have an old dog that needs to break some bad habits, Sarah Crum can help you reach your obedience training goals.


Specific behavioral problems that can be addressed include:

• Pulling
• Barking
• Play biting
• Jumping
• Door bolting/ Running away
• Chewing
• Begging
• Counter surfing
• Trash diving


After your pet’s obedience training, you as the pet owner will be able to confidently and successfully:

• House train your dog
• Have your dog sit, stay, and lie down when commanded
• Have your dog come when called
• Take your dog for a walk with your dog politely at your side in heel
• Impress your family with your dog’s new manners
• Enjoy your relationship with your dog


Sarah Crum works with dogs of any age, breed, and personality. She also provides obedience training for service dogs and for dogs that are handicapped or disabled.


Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is offered for puppies that are 7 to 18 weeks of age. This special program features:

• Rotating small-group socialization classes
• Copies of Mueller’s Official Puppy Owner’s Manual
• Numerous handouts full of puppy-rearing tips and advice
• Handling exercises, demonstrations, and discussions
• Basic obedience training
• Introduction to basic agility equipment
• Prevention or correction of problem behaviors


For more information about Puppy Preschool and all other obedience training services, visit www.ABetterCompanionDogTraining.com or give Sarah a call at (703) 475-6113.