Doggie Daycare

Daycare 3Doggie Daycare

Yappie Cuttery offers doggie daycare Monday-Friday from 6:30am – 6:30pm and Saturday 7:00am - 4:00pm for busy pet owners and their energetic dogs. Stop feeling guilty about leaving your dog at home all day and bring him to daycare!


FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE: We understand that your commute and work schedule might not align with our daycare business hours. No worries! Now, we encourage clients to call and speak to a receptionist so we can provide accommodations for drop-offs and pick-ups occurring outside our normal hours.


Why Daycare?

At daycare, dogs interact and play with other dogs of similar size so they go home tired and happy. Doggie daycare is a great way for socialized dogs to make new friends. It is also a great way to stimulate your dog mentally and physically; while in daycare, trained staff work with the dogs on basic obedience and lead play activities throughout the day. Your dog simply will not have the opportunity to be bored!


Facility Features

• Two playrooms; one for large and one for small dogs
• Poured-rubber flooring that cushions joints and maintains comfort during pets’ playtime
• Large indoor and outdoor windows
• Access to outdoor walking area


Why Yappie Cuttery?

At Yappie Cuttery, a day at daycare starts with a walk upon arrival and two more walks throughout the day. Small dogs play in one playroom while large dogs play in the other. All dogs have continuous access to water, and dogs who require it are fed lunch or given medication as instructed.


Our daycare rooms are designed to give each dog in the room a certain, equal amount of square footage for his own personal space. Yappie Cuttery never overbooks the daycare rooms, even if it means turning away additional business, in order to ensure that the dogs can play without encroaching on each other’s personal space. By adhering strictly to the maximum capacity for each daycare room, Yappie Cuttery eliminates the chance that the dogs will feel cramped and territorial, which in turn eliminates the likelihood of the dogs snapping at and fightng each other.


Dogs are supervised throughout their stay by our trained daycare staff. Both daycare rooms are also monitored through security cameras at our front reception. We give all daycare dogs every opportunity to participate in activities, such as playing ball in the playroom or in the outdoor play area. If requested, we will take them for a swim in our heated, indoor pool.


Who Can Play?

Dogs ages 12 weeks and older may participate in daycare. All dogs must be dog-friendly, spayed or neutered, and up-to-date on Distemper-Parvo (DHLPP), Rabies, and Bordetella vaccines. We also recommend that dogs be on flea, tick and heartworm prevention. If we notice fleas on a dog, a Capstar will be administered.



Give us a call and make an appointment for a free evaluation time at your convenience. We will closely monitor your pet to determine how well he responds to the daycare environment. When you return to pick up your dog, we will let you know how the playtime went.


For faster service, please fill out the Daycare Pet Profile and sign the Client Daycare Agreement prior to arriving.


Drop-offs & Rates

Walk-in drop-offs are welcome, as long as space is available.


Please call 703-361-1363 for more information on packages, programs and prices.