Grooming Room


At Yappie Cuttery, we have built a reputation for outstanding service, workmanship, and satisfaction. For the past 30 years, it has been our pleasure to groom and care for your pets.


What Makes Yappie Cuttery Unique?

Our salaried groomers are not driven to rush the grooming process. At Yappie Cuttery, all pets receive the care and attention they deserve, no matter how long it takes; this has made us popular with geriatric and hard-to-handle pets. In the event that your pet cannot be groomed, we do offer sedation grooming through our affiliate, Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital.


Our facility offers all of your pets’ needs under one roof and allows you to take advantage of other services on the same day that your pet comes in for grooming.

  • With our groom-to-vet service, your pet not only receives the grooming of your choice, but also visits Bloom Crossing Animal Hospital for vaccine updates or a check-up if you think your pet might be ill. Simply drop your pet off in the morning for grooming, and while he is with us he will be groomed and seen by our veterinarian.
  • If your pet is boarding with us, you can request that he be groomed during his boarding stay. Please see our boarding page for more details.
  • If your pet enjoys doggie daycare with us but also needs to be groomed, he can come in for his regular stay in daycare, be groomed to your specifications, and then return to daycare until you come to pick him up.


Facility Features

  • Direct access to outdoor walking area
  • Warm-air-circulating dryers that do not use heating elements like our competitors’ cage dryers
  • Temperature-controlled water in bathing units
  • Safety ramps on all large-dog baths
  • Non-skid, antibacterial flooring
  • Large hydraulic tables that can accommodate pets of any size
  • Stand dryers that fluff-dry pets
  • Stainless steel kennels in an assortment of sizes; stainless steel allows the kennels to be thoroughly sanitized and disinfected


VIP Professional Discount Program

For our 5- or 6-week VIP Professional Discount Program, you do not have to schedule an appointment; instead, we make one for you based on the grooming schedule you choose. We also give you a reminder call the day before to confirm your pet’s grooming appointment. If you cannot keep the appointment, we are happy to reschedule it within a week of the originally-scheduled date to maintain your VIP discount.
Members of the 5-week program receive 25% off of our regular-priced grooming. Members of the 6-week program receive 15% off of our regular-priced grooming. These savings add up to two free groomings per year!


Teeth brushing is included with each grooming in this program, which saves you $15-$25 when compared to what you would pay to have your pet’s teeth brushed without the VIP Professional Discount Program.


Not enrolled as a VIP? No problem! You can still come in and have your pet receive a grooming from one of our talented, certified professionals: Pat, Glory, Debbie, or Robin.


VIP Student Discount Program

This program, which offers substantially greater savings than the Professional Discount Program, is for clients who have their pets’ grooming done by students of the Virginia School of Pet Grooming. Students are closely supervised by a certified instructor as they learn the art of grooming, and while clients receive a large discount, the students have the opportunity to groom a wider variety of pets on a frequent basis. Please contact us for program specifications and pricing.


Types of Grooming Offered

Yappie Cuttery uses a mild, PH-balanced shampoo with a built-in conditioner for all groomings. Clients with pets that require special or medicated shampoo are welcome to provide the shampoo themselves or purchase it at our veterinary clinic, if available.

  • BB—Bath and Brush-out: includes bath and expression of anal glands, brush-out before bath, and fluff-dry after bath
  • BBT—Bath, Brush-out, and Trim: includes everything in a BB plus nail trimming, ear cleaning and plucking (if needed), trimming of the sanitary area, and trimming of feet and feathers
  • FG—Full Groom: includes everything in a BB and BBT plus a full body clip to client’s specifications
  • For your cat’s grooming needs, we offer: cat BBTs, cat clip-downs, and cat lion clips
  • Although teeth brushing is included in the VIP programs, it is also available to clients who are not on a VIP program for an additional cost


Policies and Procedures

Dogs and cats must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations in order to be groomed at Yappie Cuttery. If our records show that your pet is not up-to-date, you must either provide proof of recent vaccination or allow us to update the vaccine at our clinic.


Severely-matted pets will be given a full-body clip-down, and clients will be asked to sign a consent form for the grooming.


If fleas are noticed on a pet, a Capstar pill will be administered at the client’s expense. This pill will safely kill all fleas on your pet within 20 minutes and will continue to be effective for three days. This policy is for the protection of your pet as well as other clients’ pets from any possible exposure to fleas.


Drop-off time for grooming is 6:30am – 9am from Monday – Friday and 7am – 8am on Saturday. It is our goal to get your pet home as soon as possible, but the time you drop your pet off is not always indicative of when your pet will be finished. Our groomers arrive at 8am and have dogs delegated to them for the day. They start working on dogs based on the earliest drop-off time, but depending on coat condition, type of grooming requested, age, size, and each pet’s level of cooperation, any dog could be finished anywhere between 1pm and 5pm (barring any unusual circumstances), regardless of when the groomers begin the grooming. By taking the time to be attentive to each dog’s individual needs, we create a stress-free atmosphere for your pet so that the final outcome is the high-quality grooming for which we are known.


Are you a new client? Download and fill out the Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital/Yappie Cuttery New Client Form before your appointment for faster service.