Meet the Staff

The Yappie Cuttery Care Team


Peter Perretta

Mr. Perretta is the owner of Yappie Cuttery and Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital, as well as the owner and director of the Virginia School of Pet Grooming. He has been in the pet industry for over forty-five years, beginning with his high-school job at a local animal hospital, and has been in business since 1988.

In 1988, Mr. Perretta opened his first store in a 2,000 square-foot facility in a Manassas, VA shopping center. In 1998, he began the Virginia School of Pet Grooming and became certified to operate as a proprietary trade school by the State Council of Higher Education. He moved Yappie Cuttery and the grooming school to their current location in Manassas Park, VA in 2006. The 21,000 square-foot facility was built under Mr. Perretta’s direction and supervision in order to accommodate not only his grooming business, but also the expansion of Yappie Cuttery to include boarding, daycare, and obedience training departments; included in the expansion was the opening of his veterinarian clinic, Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital.

Mr. Perretta graduated from the University of Florida in 1979 with the following degrees:

  • B.S. in Animal Science
  • B.S. in Reproductive Physiology
  • B.S. in Anatomy and Physiology
  • B.S. in Farm Management

In the early 1980s, he graduated from Nash Grooming Academy in New Jersey with an All Breeds Grooming Certificate.


Professional Groomers

Pat, Glory, Robin, and Debbie are professional groomers certified through the Virginia School of Pet Grooming. They have been with us for nearly two years and provide our clients with outstanding-quality grooming services.



Tatjiana has been working with us for seven years as a Senior Boarding Attendant and Daycare Attendant. She has a special talent with animals, speaks fluent German, and is studying to be a Veterinary Technician. She hopes to become a veterinarian in the future.






Natalie is a Daycare Attendant and Receptionist. She is going to NOVA then transferring to George Mason University for Animal Rights Law. She worked at an animal shelter for two years, which is how she ended up adopting her Schnauzer mix. In addition, Natalie has a bunny and a guinea pig.






Lauren is a Receptionist and is in her senior year of study at George Mason University. She is a bioengineering major who has an extreme love for furry animals.Lauren recently had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain, during which she met a lot of interesting people and visited various parts of Europe. Lauren's goal is to help pioneer the field of 3D bioprinting and to live a happy life with her two Shih Tzu puppies.





Kayla is a Boarding Attendant and Daycare Attendant who has always loved animals. She has been working with us for two years. Previously, she worked at an animal shelter for three years and is now studying to become a veterinarian.