Rehabilitation & Therapy


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Blooms Crossing Animal Hospital offers swimming, conditioning, and rehabilitation for pets in our heated, indoor, 40' lap pool.



Hydrotherapy is available for pre- and post-operative dogs. Pre-operative hydrotherapy builds muscles to strengthen dogs for their upcoming surgical procedures and to facilitate faster recoveries. Post-operative hydrotherapy focuses on the dogs’ surgical areas to improve blood flow, muscle recovery, and to reduce overall recovery time. Many animals have success with 30-minute sessions spent swimming or walking on an underwater treadmill. These low-impact workouts can be just what your pet needs in order to ease back into his normal routine after surgery.


For dogs with conditions such as arthritis and hip-dysplasia, walking on hard ground can be uncomfortable and cause lameness; hydrotherapy, however, provides weightless exercise that improves joint movement, increases circulation, and builds supporting muscle.



If your dog is overweight or finds exercise painful, swimming can be a healthy alternative for maintaining his activity level. Exercising your dog on land without over-stressing his bones and joints can be difficult, but swimming puts your dog in a weightless environment that eases his joints. It is great for promoting cardiovascular health and for shaving off any extra pounds.


How Does It Work?

All therapy is performed at your doctor’s prescription or our doctor’s evaluation. For treatment that is not pre- or post-operative, a program can be designed by our Certified Canine Physical Therapist.


Initially, your dog is introduced into our pool wearing a flotation device that helps him get acclimated to the water. Once your dog is comfortable in the pool, future sessions can be harness-free. As with any fitness program, you should expect your dog to start gently and for the exercise to increase over time. At first, your dog may only swim for a few minutes or for a few short bursts. Gradually, as his fitness improves, your dog will be able to swim longer and with fewer rest periods. Sessions are 30 minutes in length, and what your dog does during those 30 minutes is up to you; he can walk on the underwater treadmill or do lap swimming.



Please call for a recommendation for the swimming package that best suits you and your dog. We offer rehabilitation programs specially designed to help your pet recover from injury or surgery. In addition, swim times can be scheduled while your dog is in daycare or boarding at Yappie Cuttery.