Surgeries & Dental

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We perform a wide array of surgical procedures, from routine spays/neuters to more complex operations like exploratory surgeries.


What to Expect

Our clinic's caring and professional team will guide you from start to finish through the process of preparing your pet for his or her procedure. We provide E-collars, pain medication, and a packet detailing post-operation care instructions at no additional cost.


Pre-anesthetic bloodwork, including a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry profile, is conducted to ensure that your pet is healthy prior to the procedure. Throughout and after the procedure, your pet will be closely monitored. While waking up from anesthesia, each pet is provided with clean bedding and blankets in a private stainless-steel kennel.


Because every pet and procedure is unique, a full understanding of what to expect can only be obtained through examination and consultation with a veterinarian. Please call to make an appointment or to receive more information.


Policies and Procedures

Please note that the policies listed here are general and may vary depending on the type of procedure or your pet's individual circumstances.


A valid credit card number is required when scheduling a procedure. In the event of a no-show or cancellation occurring less than 24 hours in advance, a fee of $50 will be charged to the card on file.


No food or water should be given to your pet after 12am the day of the procedure.


All pets arriving for surgery must be dropped off between 6:30am - 8am, Monday - Friday, on the day the procedure is scheduled. Surgeries cannot be scheduled for Saturdays.


Pick-up is between 5pm - 6pm. A technician will contact you after the procedure regarding your pet's status.


Though rare, sometimes a pet might need to stay at our facility overnight. In such cases, the cost of the anticipated stay will be factored in to the estimate provided prior to the procedure.


Spays and Neuters

The prices below include the following services: pre-anesthetic bloodwork, anesthesia, anesthetic monitoring, pain medication and management, and access to the veterinarian for any questions or concerns. Both dog and cat spays can be done while the animal is in heat, but at an additional cost.


  • <50 lbs: $285
  • 50 - 75 lbs: $315
  • >75 lbs: $365
  • >100 lbs: $415


  • Spay: $270
  • Neuter: $215


Other Surgeries

Additional routine procedures frequently done at our clinic include mass removals, cat declaws, and cherry-eye correction. We also perform specialized procedures such as exploratory surgeries. The cost for more advanced procedures will vary depending on the size, age, and condition of your pet, and the complexity of the operation. Estimates are provided after consultation.



Just as it is important for humans to visit the dentist, it is essential for your pets to have their teeth checked and cleaned routinely. Poor oral and dental hygiene in dogs and cats can lead to infection, tooth decay, and a host of other serious health concerns. Luckily, such ailments are avoidable by having your pet come in for a full teeth cleaning. Dentals go beyond ordinary brushing to remove plaque buildup, treat the gums, and perform extractions as needed.


All prices listed below include anesthesia, IV catheter, scaling, polishing, under-gum and gum treatment, and pre-anesthetic bloodwork. Extractions are not included.


  • 0 - 50 lbs: $425
  • >50 lbs: $475


  • $425