Examinations & Diagnostics

Vet Clinic

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Facility Features

• Direct access to outdoor walking area
• Complete set of in-house laboratory equipment
• Incubator for cultures
• Surgery room with two heated surgery tables
• State-of-the-art anesthesia machines
• Heart and pulse Doppler monitors
• Angler self-supporting breathing and cardiograph monitors
• Radiology equipment
• Complete in-house pharmacy
• Three wet-table service stations
• Stainless steel holding station and recovery area
• Negative-pressure quarantine room
• Quiet room for medical drop-offs
• Four exam rooms equipped with complete computer-networking access
• One exam room with a hydraulic lift table designed for the ease and comfort of large dogs


Routine Exams and Immunizations

Prevention is what routine wellness exams are all about. Our wellness program features a physical exam, complete metabolic blood test, stool test, urinalysis, and appropriate immunization updates, all for a discounted fee. We keep a complete record of your pet's visits and provide reminder calls when vaccine updates are due.


New Puppy/Kitten Care

We offer puppy/kitten care as well as routine care, and sick patient care. For our new puppies/kittens we offer a pet kit that comes with a complete wellness exam and immunizations. You’ll receive lots of important information and your pets first month of Frontline and Interceptor FREE.


Diagnostic Testing

We have an on-site state of the art laboratory, to quickly process test results for critical cases. Routine test results are back in as early as 24 hours.