Examinations & Diagnostics

Vet Clinic

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The health of your furry family is crucial, whether an illness needs treatment or a happy pet just needs a wellness check-up. Our full-service clinic provides for your pets' health-related needs from start to finish, basic to complex.


Facility Features

Our clinic is equipped to provide the best in examinations and diagnostics. Whether it is a swollen eye or a broken leg, our experienced veterinary staff coupled with our state-of-the-art facility will manage your pet's entire course of treatment.


Our facility offers these key features:

• Direct access to outdoor walking area
• Complete set of in-house laboratory equipment
• Incubator for cultures
• Surgery room with two heated surgery tables
• State-of-the-art anesthesia machines
• Heart and pulse Doppler monitors
• Angler self-supporting breathing and cardiograph monitors
• Radiology equipment
• Complete in-house pharmacy
• Three wet-table service stations
• Stainless steel holding station and recovery area
• Negative-pressure quarantine room
• Quiet room for medical drop-offs
• Four exam rooms equipped with complete computer-networking access
• One exam room with a hydraulic lift table designed for the ease and comfort of large dogs


Preventative Medicine

The key to wellness is prevention: If your pet is protected by a strong immune system, future illnesses can be avoided. We have provided here a vaccination schedule for young dogs and cats so you can plan and make sure your new puppy or kitten has a great start to a long, healthy life. It may seem like a lot to remember, but don't worry! When you bring your puppy or kitten in for the first dose/treatment in a series, we can schedule the next visits for you at the correct intervals. For adult dogs needing boosters, our staff contacts you with a reminder during the month that our records indicate your pet(s) is due for one or multiple vaccines.


In the schedule below, treatments within parentheses are not required but, if desired, are provided at the age indicated. After these new puppy/kitten initial doses and boosters, most vaccines change to an annual booster schedule. For details on the adult booster schedule for a specific vaccine, please contact us.


  • 8wks: DHPP initial dose + first deworming (+ Lepto initial dose + Lyme initial dose)
  • 12wks: DHPP booster + final deworming
  • 16wks: DHPP final booster + Rabies + Bordatella + heartworm test (+ Lepto final dose + Lyme final dose)


  • 8wks: FVRCP initial dose + first deworming
  • 12wks: FVRCP booster + final deworming + FELV initial dose
  • 16wks: FVRCP final booster + FELV final dose + Rabies